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Alerts: December 12, 2006 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Previous Alerts

Seasonal Influenza - During November, WMHS Laboratory reported 2 positive Influenza A tests and 5 positive Influenza B tests. GCMH Lab had their first positive Influenza A test for this season on Dec. 12.

Notes: January-February 2007 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Previous Notes

Seasonal Influenza-

Influenza activity remains low with 4 and 3 cases positive at GCMH.

Influenza A/B




# of tests




# of positives for A




# of positives for B




WMHS had 9 influenza A cases in December. Maryland activity is reported as "regional", the second highest category. Perhaps the region referred to is not ours.

Avian Influenza-

Occasional human cases (usually deaths) continue to occur, the most recent having been a death in Nigeria of a woman who had worked with sick chickens. Research and development in the Pandemic Influenza field continues at an accelerated pace. Viruses which mimic the H1N1 1918 influenza virus have been created in the laboratory and are being used in animal experiments. Prognosticators vary widely in their predictions as to when and how severe the next pandemic will be. Will our medical advances help us? Will society hold together and continue to provide the utilities, food supplies, and "just in time" medical supplies to which we have become accustomed?

The Garrett County share of the current state stockpile of Tamiflu is 250 courses; state purchases are planned to continue over the next 16 months to include 2500 more courses for Garrett County. The current federal prioritization for use of this number of courses would be exclusively for treatment. Even direct care providers will not be given prophylaxis from this stock, but should practice recommended infection control practices and seek medication only if developing fever and symptoms. In 2002, probenecid was found to elevate and prolong blood levels of oseltamivir by 100%, but this option for extending the supply has apparently not received further study.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening - Slots for New Clients are Available in our cost-assisted screening Program!

We are looking for women age 40 and above, particularly those over 50, who are uninsured and not currently receiving annual screening for breast cancer to fill out a limited number of "slots" that have become available. If we can not find these new women for this program, the slots and money will go to other counties.

New Links Identified between Chronic Diseases and Infectious Agents: from Robert Manasse, PhD. - Western Maryland Health System Infection Control

Under "Regular Reports" below, you will see a new Clinical Newsletter "Koch's and Rivers' Postulates Expanded", an update on newly recognized relationships and complexities of identifying causality and the mechanisms of disease.

Blood Lead Testing Requirements for Children-

A reminder that state law requires all children to have a blood lead test taken after one year of age but before school entry. State law also requires blood lead tests for all Garrett County children at about one and two years of age because of the predominance and scattered location of older housing in the county.

Norovirus Outbreak 

Many have noticed, and suffered, the continuing outbreak of diarrhea in county institutions and the community. Norovirus has been identified in institutions with clusters of cases. The disease course has sometimes been severe but has passed within 24-48 hours. 

HepB and Varicella Vaccine for School Children

All students are now in compliance with the expansion of the requirements to grades 6-9. Thanks to all physicians and their staff for dealing with the many requests for records and last-minute appointments and immunizations.

HPV Vaccine, Tdap Vaccine, Zoster Vaccine

We have them all now and hope that you do too. Gardasil - can be started as young as age 9. The hope is to over the years reduce the cases of cervical cancer and genital warts. Regular Pap smears will still be necessary.

Boostrix or Adacel - can be started from age 10 or age 11, respectively, targeted to boost waning immunity to diphtheria and pertussis, as well as tetanus.

Zostavax - recommended from age 60 to prevent reappearance of varicella as Zoster. Meanwhile, more young people are being seen with Zoster.

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